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Olympians Talk

Olympians Talk About Chiropractic

Olympians and other high performance athletes are discovering the edge they get by using chiropractic!

Interview with Jeff Hartwig

Mr. Hartwig is a 41 year old Pole Vaulter who is the oldest man to qualify for the US.Track and Field Team for the pole vault event. A two time Olympian and four times national champion, Hartwig holds the indoor pole vaulting record and attribute much of his athletic success to chiropractic care. (Interview conducted by Dr. Ted Forcum, one of the doctors supporting the 2008 Olympic team.)

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Interview with Terry Schroeder

Terry Schroeder, D.C., talks about his experience as head coach of the Men’s USA Water Polo Team at this year’s Olympics in Beijing, China. Terry is a three-time Olympian who competed in the 1984, 1988, and 1992 Olympic Games and is noted for his chiropractic work both on and off the Olympic stage.
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Interview with Merrill Moses

This year Merrill Moses took home a silver medal from the Beijing Olympics as the goal keeper for the Men’s USA Water Polo Team. In this interview he discusses his aspirations to attend chiropractic college and how chiropractic has made a significant impact on his life. Merrill attributes much of his athletic success to chiropractic care.

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Interview with Erin Pac

Erin Pac is a member of the women’s USA bobsled team that will be competing in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Pac began her bobsled career as a brakeman in 2002 and eventually transitioned to driver making her World Cup driving debut during the 2006-2007 season. This past season, Pac finished with a world ranking of 7th and 2nd in the USA. She secured her spot on the U.S. team by sweeping the five races of the national bobsled and skeleton trials at Utah Olympic Park.